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I have made this page for Elaine.
Elaine is has suffered the one loss that I think only a woman could, truly, understand. the loss of a child.
It is, I feel, too easy for a man to say "I understand how you feel..." but do we really?

Elaine I hope you can find this a place where you can sometimes visit and just a have a few
Quiet minutes.

Visitors.....Please take just a little time and have a few thoughts for Elaine and Katie. 

My thoughts are with you both...........Dave


When you lose your child the pain is intense.
Unanswered questions, none of it makes sense.
Just another chance - just to hear her voice,
It can never be, for we have no choice.

I wanted to see her, if only a dream,
But Katie never came, or so it seemed.
I waited impatiently all those long days.
To dream of you my Darling, was all that I prayed.

This was not to be - and was so frustrating,
To drift off to sleep, just waiting and waiting......
Finally if came, I'd waited so long,
The dream realized - no - I couldn't be wrong.

So vivid - so real - what a beautiful sight.
Now I know with certainty that you are alright.
You opened your eyes - those eyes I'll never forget,
You knew you were leaving, but with no regrets.

That wonderful smile, a joyous release.
To see you so happy, gave me so much peace.
"Amongst Angels" you said, "Surrounding your bed"......
Then the sweetest words "I love you Mum", for me to treasure,
Now I know you're in Heaven and so loved forever.

"Love you too, Katie"


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